Patrick Will


Following a degree in business informatics at Mannheim University I embarked upon a career at an international management consultancy. After working several years on consulting projects in the Automotive and Aerospace industries I joined FEV Consulting GmbH.

Convincing arguments for continuing my career at FEV Consulting GmbH are ubiquitous: Our comprehensive consulting approach results from combining strategic and pragmatic problem-solving skills with the extensive knowhow of FEV Group in the context of mobility. Within projects we can rely on the expert input from the internal and external FEV network for delivering high-quality results adjustable in terms of detail according to our client’s needs. This is what makes working at FEV Consulting unique. At FEV Consulting we set up diverse teams capable of creating solutions to complex problems and that address future trends.

My day-to-day consulting practice is characterized by daily interaction with customers in Europe, US and Asia, conducting of analyses, and formulting stratgies.