Working atFEV Consulting

Get informed about FEV Consulting

Webinar: Working at FEV Consulting - Get informed about FEV Consulting
Date: 14.11.2018 at 7 pm
Language: German

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Webinar Content

General information:

  • General overview of FEV Consulting and what we do
  • Typical career steps at FEV Consulting and how you could start your career at FEV Consulting

Information about working at FEV Consulting:

  • Business traveling (customer regions)
  • Insights into a typical working day at FEV Consulting
  • Development opportunities at FEV Consulting
  • Internal and external FEV Consulting events

Information on how to apply for a job at FEV Consulting:

  • Our requirements
  • Information about the application process
  • Interview case example