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We offer first-hand management consulting experience to Students with above average academic achievements from the fourth semester on.

We offer a range of entry-level opportunities:

Junior Analyst (Student assistant)

FEV consulting offers student jobs as Junior Analyst for students studying for their Bachelor’s Degree from the fourth semester on. As Junior Analysts, students support us within project work and thereby gain first insights into management consulting. We offer an exciting work environment, first meeting experience, links to industry experts and intensive personal mentoring. Students joining FEV Consulting as Junior Analyst work between 9 and 15 hours per week and get compensated on university standard.

Business Analyst (Student worker)

FEV Consulting offers student jobs as Business Analyst for students holding a Bachelor’s Degree. As Business Analysts, students support us within project work as wholesome part of the team. This includes exciting work packages, meeting participation, links to industry experts and intensive personal mentoring. Students joining FEV Consulting as Business Analyst work 10, 15 or 19 hours per week and get compensated on industry standard.


Highly motivated student workers can contribute to challenging projects and experience the day-to-day consulting practice. Interns joining FEV consulting for periods of 2 to 6 months are staffed on projects and actively support the team, thereby rapidly gaining initial consulting experience. Throughout and beyond their time at FEV Consulting a mentor will be appointed to student workers and interns.

Master Thesis

Upon maintaining a close relationship with RWTH Aachen University for several years students can apply for completing their student thesis at FEV Consulting. In so doing, students engage in a consulting project and their thesis becomes an integral part of the problem-solving process. Students from other universities are encouraged to apply to the same program. We offer thesis projects with technical and business backgrounds.

Scholarship Program

FEV Consulting offers a scholarship program in cooperation with FEV Consulting Inc. in the USA for students showing extraordinary performance in their studies and beyond. The scholarship program is characterized by an overall time frame of 6 months for an internship or 12 months for an internship and a thesis project respectively.

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Simone van Aalst

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» Exciting, changing projects, varied experience, and valuable feedback received from the supervisor afterwards «

» Working in a team at FEV Consulting on current, exciting, engineering-relevant projects was a big career step forward for me!«

» Gathering valuable professional experience in a leading management consultancy with technical expertise «

» Great team, interesting tasks, what more could you want? «

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