What our students think aboutworking for FEV Consulting

Marius R.

» During my student internship with FEV Consulting GmbH I was given the opportunity to work on two exciting projects. The topics varied from benchmarking of cloud solutions for connected, automated, and intelligent transport systems to analyzing global markets including projecting future developments of charging infrastructure as an enabler for e-mobility. I appreciated the excellent working environment which enabled me to both further develop my interpersonal skills while working within project teams and apply my theoretical knowledge in hands-on project work. Extensive and constructive feedback meetings have helped me gain deeper insights into my personal strengths and weaknesses. This has allowed me to focus on the specific areas of where I could most improve to reach my full potential and have a running start as I begin my professional career. «

Virginia V.

» I worked at FEV Consulting as a working student and, in doing so, was able to acquire valuable experience. Thanks to the horizontal hierarchy and very pleasant work atmosphere, you are quickly integrated into the team. Since FEV Consulting is a management consultancy with a technical focus, I was able to put both my business and my engineering knowledge into practice and was also able to acquire industry-specific specialist knowledge. You get to autonomously handle tasks; in meetings, too, your individual opinion is valued. I recommend FEV Consulting to every student. «

Jonas B.

» I learned so much during my eight months at FEV Consulting! Even without in-depth experience in the automotive field, I was able to find my way from day one. Of particular note is the variety of tasks. While in other student jobs, you are likely to work on the same topic for months on end, here I was able to learn something new every month. The most important factor, however, is the team – everyone is a pleasure to work with. It makes you look forward to the regular after-work activities together. For me, in retrospect, it was all the more worth it, since I will soon have the opportunity to do an internship at FEV in the USA. «

Stefan S.

» Working in a team at FEV Consulting on current, exciting, engineering-relevant projects was a big career step forward for me! «

» During my master’s degree studies, I took part in the Student Trainee Program at FEV Consulting GmbH. My tasks were always coupled with a current project and were therefore, for me as an industrial engineer, extremely relevant. Tasks included: Market research and analysis, Concept development for client-specific solutions, preparation, execution and follow-up for workshops with clients , creation of project documentation and presentations, development of project-relevant Excel tools. In my opinion, the prerequisites for a successful internship at FEV Consulting are: Very good mastery of English in order to be able to contact international clients verbally and in writing without any problems, a rapid grasp of the tasks and responsibilities assigned, along with autonomous work methods and individual initiative, motivation to work as a team in small project groups, an understanding of the current industry landscape, as well as initial experience and knowledge of relevant technical topics (for instance, electromobility or connectivity) and, last but not least, a playful approach to working with PowerPoint and Excel. I also really liked the connection between the work and current projects. The high technical degree of project content has, in addition to my studies, given me a better understanding of technologies and products (the FEV network also offers an enormous knowledge platform and can be used for project work). The young and dynamic team was always helpful and up for fun in one form or another. I was able to very significantly expand my knowledge and skills in many areas, and learned many new things (e.g. How does a project work, from start to finish? How do I autonomously conduct a workshop and use its results for advancing the project in the most effective way possible? How do I prepare and give presentations suited to my audience?, etc. ). A challenge of the internship was that, unlike in a large corporation, not everything is explained to you down to the smallest detail. At FEV Consulting, you get thrown into the deep end and, during the first few weeks, you have to obtain the necessary information for yourself (learning-by-doing). As soon as there are any problems or questions, however, the team is there with open ears and the doors at all hierarchy levels are always open to interns. Those who possess the necessary initiative will rapidly benefit from the considerable freedom to act; to them, I can only heartily recommend the internship. «


» Gathering valuable professional experience in a leading management consultancy with technical expertise Assessment text: I worked at FEV Consulting as a working student and, in doing so, was able to acquire valuable experience. Thanks to the flat hierarchies and very pleasant work atmosphere, you quickly become part of the team. Since FEV Consulting is a management consultancy with a technical focus, I was able to put both my business and my engineering knowledge into practice and was, additionally, able to acquire some industry-specific specialist knowledge. You get to autonomously handle tasks; in meetings, your individual opinion is also valued. I recommend FEV Consulting to every student. «


» During my time as a working student ("Business Analyst") at FEV Consulting, I acquired in-depth insight into various areas of technical consulting. As a working student, you work just like a consultant on individual projects, which are assigned based on needs and availability. The duration of the tasks assigned can range just from a few hours to complete partial projects with a duration of several weeks. In this context, the activities range from literature and online research and expert interviews to the analysis and assessment of databases (e.g. for production figures by markets, powertrain topologies via sales figures, etc.), as well as the creation of presentations for illustrating the overall results. A wide variety of topics is covered, such as industrial engines, electrification trends for passenger and commercial vehicles, vehicle measures, passenger and commercial vehicle on-board technology, and vehicle cybersecurity. The variety of topic areas makes the work diverse and exciting; additionally, the technical consulting approach enables much of the learning content from relevant degrees to be put into practice and can be actively applied or deepened. The typical process for handling tasks starts with a brief introduction to the overarching project by the relevant consultant. You will then be provided with any and all of the necessary tools for fulfilling the tasks; additionally, the objective is defined. The task can then be processed autonomously. Often, for the presentation of results and solution design, you are given leeway for independent and "creative" work. Good PowerPoint and Excel skills are helpful in this regard. The result of your own work is then presented to a consultant and usually finalized with a few rounds of feedback. If questions arise during the processing of tasks, you can always ask any of your colleagues; beyond that, there is always a pleasant atmosphere among the young team. What I liked most about the work is that I gained in-depth insight into various automotive industry topics and gathered solid expertise. Furthermore, I benefited from the culture of extremely constructive criticism and rapidly learned to tell when something didn’t work right away. I would also like to highlight the regular team events, which were held especially to facilitate the integration of the students in the team. «

J. Kim

» Four months that I can only recommend and during which I gained an extraordinary amount of knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry. «

» I got to know FEV Consulting during a four-month internship. It was an exciting time during which I acquainted myself with many aspects of the automotive industry and the complex related network of suppliers and cross-industry companies. The multitude of consulting projects also gave me the freedom to integrate myself based on my own fields of interest. I mentioned early on that I would like to work with costs and finances, and the following week my manager involved me in cost optimization projects. You are entrusted with tasks as a full-fledged team member from day one, which is initially challenging, but makes the success in learning all the better. My colleagues were simply the best. A young, highly motivated team and virtually non-existent hierarchy levels, which always helped me when I had questions. There were also a lot of other interns and master students I could talk with. «