ManagerPatrick Glusk




After finishing my Diploma at RWTH Aachen mid of 2012 I started to work for FEV Consulting GmbH. As a young professional, I was part of the exciting growth phase of this newly founded company. Right from the beginning I had the opportunity to work at the interface between technology and strategy and I was able to experience the variety of a consultants’ life, including business trips within Europe, to the US and to Asia. I am now a part of FEV Consulting for more than five years and I was first promoted to Senior Consultant in 2014 and then became a Manager in 2016. In this transition, my tasks and responsibilities have changed significantly. Today, I am leading international project teams and I am much more involved in business development activities and discussions about the evolution of FEV Consulting’s services and offerings. Unchanged though is the unique spirit and drive of our team to further develop and support our company’s growth. And with this exact team I also enjoy many things aside from our daily work such as carting, soccer or a nice outing on Friday evening to wrap up a successful week. For me, the FEV Consulting “package” just fits and I am happy to be part of it.