PrincipalDr. Andreas Wiartalla


Following the completion of my master degree in mechanical engineering at the RWTH Aachen, I decided to pursue a PhD in the field of combustion engines. My PhD thesis focused on the foundations of diesel engine combustion with the aim to reduce emissions and lower fuel consumption.

After the successful completion of my PhD I started working for the FEV Europe GmbH in the field of combustion system development for passenger car diesel engines. I have subsequently interrupted my work at FEV for several years to return to the University of RWTH Aachen in a leading position at the institute for combustion engines. Shortly after my return to FEV I was entrusted with the management of the department for diesel exhaust emission management. As part of my responsibilities at FEV, I was able to follow and influence the development of exhaust gas emission treatment starting from its early beginnings all the way to modern low-emission diesel engine concepts. Over the years my responsibilities broadened to include commercial vehicle and industrial engines as well as large bore engines. My work in these fields allowed me to gain profound technical know-how in the areas of diesel engines and exhaust gas emission treatment as well in department and staff management.

After 12 years as department head at FEV Europe GmbH, I was looking for professional change and new challenges. I have found those at FEV Consulting, with who I have already had the chance to work together on previous joint projects. This professional change was quite profound for an engineer with many years of experience in the field of technical development. It enabled me to get to work on new tasks, use a different approach to problem solving and even introduce a new way of thinking to me. At the same time I was able to successfully utilize my technical competence gained throughout the many years of previous technical work in our strategic consulting task. Today I support our clients as a principal for FEV Consulting with practical solutions for their most important problems.