Senior ConsultantThomas Lüdiger

Senior Consultant

As part of my studies I took part in the scholarship program at FEV Consulting Inc. in the Metro Detroit area. I had the opportunity to gain consulting experience by contributing to several projects. Upon returning to Germany I joined FEV Consulting GmbH while I completed the writing of my Masters thesis. Within my Master thesis project I had the opportunity to play an active role in a consulting project. Throughout the Master thesis project my theoretical and practical input was valued and applied directly to solving the clients problems. Upon graduating from university I was hired by FEV Consulting GmbH.

Having graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Engineering, my educational background is the root cause for my desire to work on projects combining technological and strategic knowledge. As a full member of the team I can actively bring in my problem-solving personality by taking responsibility for certain key deliverables within projects. At FEV Consulting GmbH I conduct market analyses, define project structures and develop solutions. The steep learning curve serves as major reason why I value my work highly. This is reinforced by a mentoring program and additional workshops to help build my knowledge and capabilities. Working on diverse projects I gain insights into relevant corporate structures and functions. I can readily count on the support of my team when I encounter challenges.