ConsultantPhilipp Wienen


With my background of an energy engineering master's degree my studies weren’t focused on the automotive industry. Regardless of my background, the four fundamental changes happening in the automotive industry - electrification, connectivity, car sharing and autonomous driving- spark my interest.

What drives my work is the close link between technology and strategy consulting to make these changes happen and prepare our customers for the implications.

From day one I was asked to deliver my own inputs into projects and was empowered to handle tasks on my own if possible. These tasks include market research, model development, technology assessment and data analysis to develop strategies that foster our clients business.

No matter what question I face every colleague supports me and my personal mentor helps me to develop my potential. There is also a large network of experts I can rely on in my daily work to answer even detailed questions. This yields a steep learning curve and also interesting and fun discussions about trends shaping our future with a like-minded and motivated team.