Cost EngineerTobias Rosen

Cost Engineer

After studying industrial engineering in Aachen, I started my professional career at FEV Consulting in the field of cost engineering. Here I work in a motivated team on various tasks. Cost Engineering at FEV Consulting closely links production technology with current vehicle and engine technology.

We work on a wide range of projects in the field of electromobility, as well as in the entire spectrum of combustion engines, from small two-cylinder engines to large marine diesel engines. We cover the entire drive train, from the high-voltage battery to power electronics and drive motors for electric cars as well as hybrid vehicles.

In these subject areas we create cost studies of real components, search for cost reduction potentials or evaluate the production costs of various technical concepts to support development processes or strategic decisions. This diversity of content, personal mentoring and the always helpful, motivated team result in rapid progress in professional and personal development.