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Smart Cost Reduction

Intensifying competition in global sales markets, consolidation of suppliers, rising cost sensitivity of clients and the need for technical innovations...

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Modular Product Architecture

Today’s automotive industry is forced to deliver high quality products at reasonable costs whilst facing an increasing degree of complexity.

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Mergers & Acquisition

Today’s automotive and engineering industries demand for very specialized expertise in order to understand and commercially evaluate...

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Engineering Outsourcing

[Translate to German:] Engineering Service Provider (ESP) play an increasingly important role in the automotive R&D value creation.

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Intelligent Transportation Connected Vehicles

Connected and highly automated driving will enter selected markets before 2025.

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Powertrain Concepts & Vehicle Fleet Strategies

The car manufacturers face more stringent CO2 emission targets. 

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Product Development / Process Optimization

Today’s customers demand regular updates of existing or entirely new developed products.

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