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Alternative propulsion concepts for aircrafts

As flight activities are continuously increasing (leaving COVID-19 aside), also the aviation sector should contribute to global CO2 reduction activities.

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Mastering the 2025/2030 commercial vehicle C02 emission targets

The EU recently stipulated stringent CO2 targets, requiring commercial vehicle fleets to reduce...

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Low carbon pathways until 2050

The European Commission calls for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050, which is in-line with...

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Charging Infrastructure E-Mobility

Range anxiety was yesterday. Future electric vehicle drivers want to recharge at public devices...

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After sales in an electric world

The analysis shows that the profitable after-sales business of OEMs is increasingly challenged due to a wider roll-out of electric vehicles.

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Is power-to-liquid a way into the future

Our analysis shows that a rapid market adoption of power-to-liquid fuels is feasible.

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Gamified Eco Coaching

Gamified Eco-Coaches in passenger vehicles - engagement of behavioral fuel and emission reduction

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Best practice organisation cost & value engineering

The objective of Cost & Value Engineering is, to meet client requests at minimum costs and..

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Automated driving as a real-world energy consumption reduction measure

FEV has calculated the impact of enhanced driving strategies and ...

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Cost development of electric vehicles considering future market conditions

Market study and cost analysis of electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.

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The future drives electric?

FEV Study examines drivetrain topologies in 2030.

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Connected and automated vehicles

New degrees of freedom for improving the powertrain.

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Benchmarking for competing technology strategies

Powertrain strategies for CO2 emission reduction.

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Anticipated Driving 2.0

DENSO and FEV develop a predictive operating strategy.

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