Senior ConsultantLijing Piao

Senior Consultant

I am Senior Consultant at FEV Consulting. I am from China and live in Berlin now. I studied on my master’s degree for software engineering at the University of Wisconsin. I had a collaboration with FEV Consulting and enjoyed working together with the consultants and when there was a chance to join the team I did not hesitate.  Normally my daily work is focused on gathering and analyzing information, then deriving useful insights for our clients. To get the information, I do market research, data analysis or talk to clients, other consultants, colleagues and engineers from the FEV Group companies or through workshops. And the whole process is a process of learning. Learning about new knowledge, communication skills, and problem-solving skills. FEV is a world leading engineering technology provider for the mobility industry with more than 40 years history, as a young subsidiary of FEV Group, FEV Consulting inherited a strong culture from the group, but is running business and organization with an entrepreneur mindset and an open mind, and I am very happy to be part of the journey.