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  • Software-defined vehicles are transforming the automotive industry. The vehicle of the future will no longer be differentiated by mechanical characteristics, but by software related features. As a consequence, current automotive development processes and the R&D organization must be rethought. In this paper you will develop a methodology to assess the readiness for software-defined-vehicle development of companies and assess what needs in terms of processes, organizational set-up and competences.



    Your task and profile

    • Elaboration of the influence of the trend software-defined vehicles on the product development process and the development organization
    • Development of a question-based scheme to assess the "readiness" of major Automotive OEMs and suppliers
    • Preparation, execution, and discussion of the results of a survey that shall be conducted together with a professional market research institute
    • Study of Industrial, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering or a related field of study


  • Hydrogen is becoming a crucial part of the mobility transition. To bring hydrogen-based propulsion to competitiveness hydrogen production needs to be expanded, prices need to decrease and supply chains need to be established internationally. This master thesis targets the evaluation of technical and economical potential of high voltage direct current infrastructure combined with local hydrogen production in the EU (and North Africa).

    Your tasks:

    • Demand-side and supply-side market evaluation
    • Technical design and economical calculation of an initial HVDC grid to link relevant supply and demand sites
    • calculation of average hydrogen production costs
  • Battery-electric cars and trucks are becoming increasingly relevant as part of the decarbonization of the transport sector. For the next few years, many manufacturers have announced or already presented new models. Among other things, different high-voltage system voltages are used (e.g. 400V/800V). During this, the question arises for various stakeholders (e.g. manufacturers, charging infrastructure operators) which system voltage is suitable for which application area.

    The aim of the master‘s thesis is to develop recommendations for the different stakeholders, for example by means of a utility analysis/mathematical optimization, and to calculate the profitability based on scenarios.

  • Currently the EU-Commission is discussing the target of a 55% reduction of the CO2 emission compared to 1990. In order to reach this target mobility solution, need to be considered along the entire lifetime. Beside the operation of the vehicle CO2 emissions also arise in the material production, the vehicle production and the disposal. Within this thesis a life cycle analysis model will be buildup which enables the entire ecological analysis of different powertrain and vehicle technologies. The tools should be used for sensitivity analysis and to derive final recommendations.


  • Our master thesis program offers three ways to prepare your master thesis:

    • We offer project-related master thesis topics with a strong practical relevance. You will have the chance to be a full-time member of one of our project teams and prepare your thesis on a project-related topic. 
    • We also offer pre-defined master thesis topics which you can find on our website 
    • If you like to discuss your own topic ideas, please contact us to discuss
  • Aa a student worker your tasks will be:

    • Active support and personal responsibility for work packages in various customer projects
    • Development of presentations and application-oriented solutions
    • Conduct performance analysis and create result presentations 
    • Preparation and attendance of customer meetings
    • Cost analysis of technical products and components based on hardware decomposition within benchmark projects
    • Cost evaluations of technical concepts and solutions for target costing in early development phases
    • Identification and evaluation of cost reduction potentials in close cooperation with interdisciplinary project teams
    • Further development of existing methods and tools for cost calculation and active know-how construction
    • Documentation, presentation and discussion of results in the team and in front of customers
    • Acquisition and leadership of projects as part of interdisciplinary consulting projects

      with assumption of responsibility

    • Development and execution of innovative business strategies
    • Analysis of complex correlations and elaboration of management-compatible result presentations
    • Interdisciplinary teamwork with consultants and technical specialists
  • Be a full time member of one of our project teams and get a first-hand experience in Management Consulting. You will be working on your own sub-projects. You will develop individual solutions for our customer‘s needs together with our consultants (f/m/d) in your project team. This includes for example research, analysis and processing of results to create customer presentations. You will also get the chance to actively participate in customer meetings. 

    • Support of projects as part of interdisciplinary consulting projects
    • Autonomous processing of defined tasks
    • Data analysis and assessment, as well as elaboration of management-compatible result presentations
    • Interdisciplinary teamwork with consultants and technical specialists
    • Optimization of processes and organization structures
    • Analysis and optimization of corporate processes and product costs
    • Preparation and support of workshops and presentations
    • Early assumption of responsibility
    • Support for the ongoing development of FEV Consulting Service Lines
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