RWTH AachenEnergy Team Challenge 2021

Energy Team Challenge 2020:

Working towards a hydrogen society

  • Is now the time of the fuel cell?
  • How can we produce enough green hydrogen?
  • Will passenger cars or only commercial vehicles be equipped with fuel cell powertrains?
  • What are the opportunities and risks for new and established vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) & energy companies?

What to expect

  • You will work 8-10 weeks on a case study in small groups to develop solutions for a current topic in the energy industry
  • Exclusive strategy case study for students of RWTH Aachen University
  • Acquire methods for the analytical processing of case studies
  • Learn presentation techniques and experience intensive teamwork in small groups
  • Gain contact to experts from the industry and the management consultancy FEV Consulting

As part of the evaluation (4 ECTS points), each group will prepare and deliver a presentation and a written analysis. Attendance is mandatory for the in-class sessions.

Applications for 2021 Energy Team Challenge on a new topic will be opened in March 2021.

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