Business AnalystMatteo Leschiera

Business Analyst

I am Business Analyst at FEV Consulting. As a Business Analyst, I am researching and developing an understanding on the current trends that are affecting the automotive industry. The topics I am currently working on, range from shared mobility concepts and vehicle connectivity to electrification and autonomous driving. What I also really like about my experience is the steep learning curve at which I am subjected, thanks to the efficient mentoring program. I always team up with a consultant that tries to challenge me in each task I receive, and at the same time shares his professional experience with me, allowing me to improve and reach my full potential. The students are all grouped in one big office, making the integration in the team even easier. Furthermore, in Aachen, it is possible to take advantage of the vicinity of the FEV Group’s headquarters, that offers us the possibility to use the company’s canteen and the gym. I can consider three main reasons that make me proud of my choice of working for FEV Consulting. First, I consider it very interesting to work in close contact with OEMs and suppliers of the automotive industry, advising them on the path they should follow to perform better. Secondly, working surrounded by this fabulous team, made up of amazing people, highly skilled and passionate in what they are doing, is now for me a true sense of proudness. And finally, I consider this experience having a decisive role on my professional and personal growth, teaching me the fundamentals of team-working, problem solving and personal management.