Senior Business AnalystPablo Corcuera

Senior Business Analyst

After completing my studies in Industrial Engineering with a major in Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao and a year abroad at the RWTH Aachen University, I started my career as a Senior Business Analyst at FEV Consulting GmbH.

During the last year of my Bachelor and first year of my Master studies I participated in the Formula Student Team in Bilbao. There I gained first hand technical engineering knowledge and learned to work efficiently in teams. In my Master studies, I also worked as a student assistant at FEV Europe GmbH and wrote my master thesis there. As a Senior Business Analyst I work closely with Consultants and Managers and support them in their project work. I am responsible for certain tasks in the project, take part in various meetings and work close to the customers. I love the team spirit and the environment at FEV Consulting GmbH. The colleagues are always helpful and supportive in any situation.