05. November 2020

“Zero CO2 Mobility” – FEV introduces a digital format for its international conference in 2020

The Zero CO2 Mobility conference will be held on November 10 and 11. Source: FEV Group

Aachen, November 2020 – FEV, an international leader and independent provider in vehicle and powertrain development for hardware and software, is holding its annual international conference, “Zero CO2 Mobility,” on November 10 and 11, 2020. Leading industry and political experts will discuss the latest trends and innovative solutions for sustainable, clean mobility. Due to the coronavirus, this event has moved to an online-only format. 

In the years ahead, the European and global climate policy targets will require massive reductions in CO2 emissions. The transportation sector and its carbon emissions are a common point of discussion on this subject. “However, there is no unanimous, long-term agreement among the various interest groups to date,” said Professor Stefan Pischinger, President and CEO of the FEV Group and conference sponsor. “This is our starting point as we discuss productive methods of reducing carbon emissions in mobility which are not only adequate for the situation but are also acceptable for the market.”

Electric-only vehicles are very promising when it comes to achieving the targets. “However, additional technologies are needed in order to achieve the planned emission reductions,” said Dr. Norbert W. Alt, COO of FEV Group. “Take, for instance, fuel cells, combustion engines powered by hydrogen or e-Fuels, which are already enabling carbon-neutral operation of current vehicle fleets. If we do not use these technologies, we will not be able to achieve the climate targets set.”

Participants will discuss these and other innovative technologies during the two-day event, which will be held online only. Speakers include Thorsten Herdan (German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy), Dr. Sae Hoon Kim (Hyundai), Dr. Stephan Neugebauer (ERTRAC), and Tobias Block (VDA).

Along with the streaming presentations, there will be in-depth Q&A sessions and an exciting live discussion on current developments in the political framework for e-fuels.

For more information on the conference program and registration, please visit: www.fev.com/zero-co2-mobility