A sleek futuristic semi-truck driving on a highway, with a clear blue sky above and the sun setting in the distance, signifying advanced, clean energy transportation technology.

Commercial Vehicles

Tomorrow’s Transport, Today’s Innovation

FEV Consulting is dedicated to providing comprehensive consulting services for the commercial vehicle industry. We offer strategic guidance and practical solutions to address the evolving landscape of commercial vehicles, including trucks and buses.

As a trusted partner, we assist Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, and other key stakeholders from the initial planning stages through to successful implementation. Our expertise covers a wide range of propulsion technologies, including Electric Vehicles (EVs), Hydrogen Fuel Cells, and Internal Combustion Engines (ICE).


For those venturing into the electric vehicle arena, we offer support in the development of electric powertrains, battery technology, and charging infrastructure. We provide valuable insights into regulatory compliance and market entry strategies, ensuring a seamless transition into the world of electric commercial vehicles.

Our commitment to hydrogen fuel cell technology is evident in our assistance with the development and optimization of hydrogen fuel cell systems. We focus on efficient hydrogen production, storage, and the establishment of reliable refueling infrastructure. We also facilitate strategic research and development collaborations to accelerate the adoption of this environmentally friendly technology.


A modern, autonomous electric bus with a reflective surface driving on a city highway at dusk, with urban high-rise buildings in the background and a warm sunset on the horizon, representing the future of public transportation.

Recognizing the enduring importance of Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) in certain applications, we work with clients to enhance ICE efficiency, reduce emissions, and advance cleaner combustion technologies. We ensure adaptation to evolving emissions standards and regulations, ensuring the continued viability of ICE technology.

Our services cover every aspect, from regulatory compliance and research and development to supply chain optimization and sustainability integration. We help clients formulate effective market entry strategies, allowing them to navigate the ever-evolving and highly competitive commercial vehicle market.

A row of futuristic electric semi-trucks parked in a warehouse with ambient red lighting, reflecting a modern, energy-efficient fleet ready for transportation, with a sleek sports car in the foreground.

Dedication and innovation

FEV Consulting’s deep experience, global network, and dedication to innovation make us a leading consultancy for those looking to shape the future of commercial vehicles. As the industry undergoes a remarkable transformation, we stand by our clients, guiding them seamlessly toward a more sustainable, efficient, and innovative future in commercial vehicles.

We address critical areas such as advanced propulsion, market insights, custom fleet solutions, and data-driven decision-making. Our expertise spans sustainability, regulatory guidance, supply chain optimization, global expansion strategies, and innovation integration. Our mission is to equip clients with the insights and strategies they need to thrive in the competitive commercial vehicle sector.

We develop advanced propulsion strategies, including electrification and hydrogen solutions, to optimize commercial vehicle fleets for sustainability and efficiency.

We offer in-depth market insights, enabling clients to make informed decisions and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving commercial vehicle sector.

We design tailored fleet solutions to meet the unique operational requirements of our clients, ensuring maximum productivity and cost-efficiency.

Our consulting services are underpinned by data-driven insights, enabling clients to make strategic decisions for their commercial vehicle operations.

We guide clients in adhering to stringent emissions regulations and help them adopt technologies that reduce environmental impact.

We assist clients in developing strategies for expanding their commercial vehicle operations into global markets, optimizing supply chains and distribution networks.

We help integrate cutting-edge technologies and innovations into commercial vehicles, enhancing safety, connectivity, and performance.

We navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance, ensuring that our clients meet industry standards and governmental requirements.

We streamline supply chain processes, from sourcing components to efficient inventory management, optimizing cost and resource allocation.

We prioritize sustainability, assisting clients in adopting eco-friendly practices, such as alternative fuels and greener fleet management, to meet environmental and social responsibility goals.

Powering Progress in Commercial Transport

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