17. July 2018

FEV Group Strengthened by UniPlot and Engineering Service Provider Suarez & Bewarder

Aachen, July 2018 – The FEV Group continues its course of growth with the acquisition of UniPlot, a Berlin-based software developer focused on the visual representation of measurement data such as that generated by engine test rigs. In addition, the FEV Group acquired 100 percent of Suarez & Bewarder GmbH & Co. KG, an engineering service provider that specializes in the production and process-optimized product development and design of vehicle components in the automotive market.

UniPlot Software GmbH, which became part of the FEV Group on June 26, was founded by brothers Samuel and Roman Brüggenkoch and dates back to the 1990s. The company develops software used for the analysis and visual representation of measurement data, which serves customers all over the world – including well-known companies in the automotive industry.

“FEV has already been making effective use of UniPlot as an established solution for several years to display test results and expects positive synergies from absorbing the company,” says Professor Stefan Pischinger, President & CEO of the FEV Group.

With the purchase of Suarez & Bewarder, FEV further supplements its resources and expertise in the fields of developing automobile interiors and exteriors, as well as module and platform strategies for trucks and vans.

“By gaining Suarez & Bewarder, we are enhancing ourselves in the increasingly significant fields of production-ready development, validation, and construction of vehicle components in the context of design and packaging,” says Professor Stefan Pischinger. “With regard to global vehicle development, FEV is consistently growing in expertise.”