Energy systems and carriers

Energy systems and applications

Energy systems and applications

Providing efficient and sustainable transformation processes in energy conversion and infrastructure is just one side of the coin. On the other side, transformation in use of energy is just as important. To successfully defossilize and partially decarbonize the diverse sectors and their applications, new technologies and new concepts of interaction within their ecosystems are required.

The diversity of these ecosystems is large and can comprise entire regions, cities, campuses, mines, or buildings that need to become carbon neutral within the next 2-3 decades – all with different boundary conditions and levels of complexity that need tailor-made decarbonization strategies.

Especially the need to balance energy demand & supply creates new challenges and opportunities. New technical solutions are required in order to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact:

  • Energy management systems analyze and control energy usage in real-time to optimize efficiency and supply & demand matching
  • Vehicle-to-X (bidirectional charging technologies) optimize renewable integration in buildings by utilizing the increasing electric vehicle fleet as storage 
  • Microgrids allow localized control of energy production and distribution, thus improving energy resiliency and reliability, while also allowing for more efficient use of renewable energy resources
  • Stationary energy storage systems to retain excess energy generated by renewable sources an kWh-scale up to large MWh-scale


FEV Consulting can support with its unique combination of technical expertise in the energy & mobility sectors and strategic management capabilities. 

Implementation of a smart energy solution to promote the use of BEVs1)and optimize renewables electricity management (smart grid)