Energy: Energy affects us –
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We shape the transition into a new energy world.

The energy trilemma – ensuring sustainable, affordable, and reliable energy is one of the biggest challenges of our time. The necessity of achieving a net-zero energy supply in every sector has led us to a new energy future, full of both opportunities and challenges. A successful transition can only be accomplished by a cross-industry approach, resulting into the need for each industry to go beyond its horizon.

That’s where FEV Consulting comes into play: We build bridges between the energy and mobility industries, helping customers address today’s most pressing challenges. We believe that understanding the interdependence between sectors can create a more sustainable and resilient future.

At FEV Consulting, we draw on deep understanding and expertise in the mobility and energy industries. For years, we have helped clients in both industries with rapidly scaling zero-carbon solutions and technologies, or creating new business models, no matter where they are in their transformation. Our expertise focuses on energy conversion, energy infrastructure including charging infrastructure, and energy systems. Our team of experienced energy consultants provides accurate, reliable, and engaging solutions that helps to navigate through the complex and rapidly evolving energy landscape and competitive environment.
Energy generation and conversion

Energy conversion and generation are essential for our daily lives, powering transportation, homes and industry. As we strive towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, our focus shifts to generating renewable energy carriers such as electricity, hydrogen, electricity-based and biomass-based fuels.

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EV charging infrastructure

The world is currently undergoing an energy transition towards sustainable and clean energy sources. The ongoing mobility transition towards electrified mobility solutions is one main contributor to the energy transition. With the increasing demand for battery electric vehicles relying on electrical energy grids, the need to build bridges between the energy and mobility sectors in technological, commercial and legal matters is bigger than ever.

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Energy systems and applications

Providing efficient and sustainable transformation processes in energy conversion and infrastructure is just one side of the coin. On the other side, transformation in use of energy is just as important. To successfully defossilize and partially decarbonize the diverse sectors and their applications, new technologies and new concepts of interaction within their ecosystems are required.

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The energy trilemma – ensuring sustainable, affordable, and reliable energy is one of the biggest challenges of our time. We will help you to tackle them!

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