Industries - Supplier - navigating automotive supplier challenges: insights for success
Industries - Supplier - navigating automotive supplier challenges: insights for success
Industries - Supplier - navigating automotive supplier challenges: insights for success
Industries - Supplier - navigating automotive supplier challenges: insights for success

Supplier Industry: Navigating automotive supplier challenges: insights for success

In the ever-evolving automotive landscape, suppliers face a complex set of challenges

Powertrain electrification, new electric vehicle architectures or digitalization are already happening today and will challenge your future product portfolio and demand continuous adaptation of your products. Increasing cost pressures, supply chain complexity, changing roles, sustainability goals, and geopolitical uncertainties add to the challenges.

At FEV Consulting, we help professionals – from C-level to engineers – with strategic solutions. Whether you are preparing your products for the future or expanding your customer base, we will guide you to resilience and growth. Let’s unlock the full potential of your ecosystem.

Navigating automotive supplier transition with expertise

FEV Consulting combines deep technical acumen with industry insight and strategy to guide automotive suppliers through their transformation. Why choose us? We will help you and your company to be well positioned for future changes and challenges based on our strong technology expertise combined with a deep market understanding and established processes for supplier transformation and new product opportunity identification. We empower professionals at all levels, from C-level to engineering, with our tailored solutions.

Industries - Supplier - Partner - We work together with our partners
Industries - Supplier - Partner - We work together

We are your partner

Whether you want to better understand future technology trends and market needs, identify new product or market opportunities, establish sustainability measures, improve your cost base, or define your future business strategy – we are the right partner for you! We have successfully helped suppliers in all market sectors around the world on their journey.

  • Electric vehicle market entry strategy

    A global tier-1 supplier asked FEV Consulting to help determine if and how to enter the electrified passenger vehicle industry. We analyzed the key trends and drivers for electrification and compared the client's capabilities with those required. Finally, we recommended five attractive product segments and defined an electric powertrain portfolio strategy.

  • New product opportunities for plastics in BEVs

    A leading tier-1 supplier approached FEV Consulting to support an innovation process to identify potential new product opportunities for injection molded plastics in the BEV thermal management system. We identified and assessed the most interesting parts in terms of required competencies, sourcing implications and technical requirements. The project approach included three joint brainstorming workshops with the customer, including one on-site at the FEV Benchmarking Center.

  • BEV thermal management trends

    A global tier-1 supplier wanted to understand the trends in battery electric vehicle technology and key decision drivers regarding thermal management systems and strategy differences among global OEMs. The study included an in-depth technical analysis including FEV benchmarking data as well as a trend outlook at the component level (battery, EDU, power electronics) as well as for the entire vehicle thermal management system including the link to the A/C system.

  • Market and technology study for battery components

    A global supplier in the field of metal forming wanted to expand its portfolio towards electromobility. FEV Consulting provided a technology trend study, a detailed benchmark report, a market forecast, an analysis of the design process and design criteria, and a supply chain analysis of the relevant components, which served as the basis for the final strategic recommendation.

  • EDU target cost estimation & gap analysis

    A global tier-1 supplier wanted to better understand the market in terms of optimized and "should" costs for its new EDU portfolio in the passenger car and light truck segments. Based on a "should" cost analysis, a design and a cost gap assessment using FEV's scatter band approach for key subsystems, FEV Consulting recommended technology selection strategies for each subsystem.

  • E/E architecture product strategy

    An Asian tier-1 supplier wanted to expand its portfolio by entering the automotive gateway market and was looking for product strategy recommendations. FEV Consulting supported this decision-making process with a benchmark and evaluation of state-of-the-art E/E architectures, technology roadmaps for relevant subsystems and components, a value chain analysis, as well as high-level product requirement definitions.

  • Transformation towards electrification

    FEV Consulting supported a European tier-2 supplier in identifying the reasons for the underperformance of its e-mobility portfolio and in defining key corrective actions to improve market penetration. The project approach included a technology trend analysis, a review of the existing portfolio, an analysis and assessment of the client's organization as well as technical workshops and trainings with the sales and business development team.

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