FEV Consulting, robot arm is welding an iron plate on the product, Industrialization
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FEV Consulting, robot arm is welding an iron plate on the product, Industrialization
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Transform ideas into profitable reality

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, turning innovative ideas into profitable ventures is more important than ever. Whether you’re grappling with the intricacies of launching new products and services, reassessing your strategic direction, or optimizing operational efficiencies, the challenges can be overwhelming.

At FEV Consulting, we understand that maintaining operational efficiency and profitability in today’s dynamic, technology driven global market is no small feat. If your existing offerings are falling short of covering operational costs, or if your production infrastructure seems antiquated in the face of fierce competition, we’re here to guide you. We tackle pressing issues head-on, from supply chain inefficiencies affecting your bottom line and reputation to the complexities of thriving in a market that demands high product variety at low volume. Our operations team specializes in delivering optimized solutions, that ensure not only profitability, but also sustainable production practices.

Don’t let these challenges hinder your business’s potential. Partner with us to navigate the intricacies of industrialization and pave the way for your success.



internal structure of car, modern automobile production line, automated production equipment. Shop for Assembly of new modern cars. way of Assembly of the car on Assembly line at plant
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internal structure of car. Modern automobile production line, automated production equipment. Shop for Assembly of new modern cars. way of Assembly of the car on Assembly line at plant
FEV Consulting Industrialization Feature image

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industrialization services

Strategic purchasing

We offer 360° quick check analysis to identify optimization opportunities, advanced procurement insights into key trends, development and implementation of future-proof strategies, alongside professional commodity and supplier management, ensuring your procurement processes are efficient, effective, and ready for the future.



Supply chain management

Our Supply Chain Management service optimizes your global manufacturing footprint and value chain, implements lean processes, and improves transportation and warehousing efficiencies. We focus on reducing logistics costs, increasing transparency, and mitigating supply chain risks to ensure a lean, cost-effective, and risk-averse supply network.



Advanced manufacturing

Our advanced manufacturing services include comprehensive plant design, lean manufacturing strategies, and production optimization. We specialize in creating forward-thinking manufacturing strategies, advocating sustainable manufacturing practices, and integrating disruptive technologies such as gigacasting. Our expertise also extends to traditional manufacturing processes to ensure robust and efficient long-term manufacturing.


Quality management

Our quality management service line is dedicated to raising standards through Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), implementing top-tier quality controls in production facilities, and devising comprehensive quality strategy planning. We focus on fostering excellence from the ground up, ensuring that every aspect of your operation meets and exceeds industry benchmarks.


how we
our clients

Explore our selection of case studies, where FEV Consulting supported clients from the automotive, aerospace, and public transportation sectors. These examples highlight our commitment to precision, efficiency, and innovation in addressing complex challenges, offering insights into our approach to enhancing operational performance and achieving sustainable success for our clients.

FEV Consulting conducted a thorough assessment of giga casting’s impact on the global material mix for an Asian steel manufacturer. This collaboration delivered a comprehensive forecast up to 2035, dissecting trends by powertrain, region, vehicle segment, and size. Our analysis spanned 10 OEMs’ transition timelines, 32 material mix scenarios, and evaluated giga casting’s influence on the automotive supply chain, setting a strategic roadmap for navigating the evolving landscape of steel and aluminum usage.”

FEV Consulting developed a comprehensive sourcing strategy for a heavy-duty transit bus OEM, targeting future-ready electric battery systems. Our tailored approach included developing technology trends, estimating battery pack costs, and scrutinizing supplier specifications. By evaluating 15 potential suppliers through a rigorously defined RFQ process, we recommended a sourcing strategy that ensures high-performance battery systems, optimized for 2030 and beyond, aligning with the client’s ambitious production timeline.

FEV Consulting provided a comprehensive localization due diligence study to a North American electric vehicle startup, carefully evaluating five localization scenarios. By analyzing costed BOMs, import tariffs, and alternative sourcing options, we provided insightful assessments and recommendations that ensured a sustainable, cost-effective strategy for the client’s semi-knock-down supply chain. This strategic initiative not only identified significant savings, but also charted a course for the startup’s long-term manufacturing and sourcing strategy in line with its’ vision for innovation and market leadership.

In the face of global tariffs, FEV Consulting executed a meticulous supplier research and RFQ process for a North American EV startup, aiming to diversify its supply chain. Within eight weeks, we contacted and evaluated over 120 suppliers, developed RFQs for ten high-value components, and strategically shortlisted the top three suppliers for each, expanding the client’s non-China supply base and securing a robust, competitive edge in the market.

FEV Consulting provided a commercial vehicle OEM with a detailed technology trend and supplier analysis, focusing on fuel cell air compressors and DC/DC converters. Our comprehensive review assessed 13 fuel cell system suppliers and analyzed 14 key BOP component suppliers within the European MCV & HCV markets. This strategic endeavor not only outlined current and future technology trends but also mapped out a clear technology roadmap, highlighting potential suppliers for pivotal fuel cell system components, ensuring our client stays at the forefront of clean energy innovation.

FEV Consulting developed a sourcing strategy for a leading global supplier of powertrain components. Through a rigorous process that evaluated over 300 suppliers and scrutinized 35 components based on intellectual property levels and tariff costs, we provided a comprehensive assessment of regional versus global sourcing strategies. Our approach identified key risks and gaps, resulting in actionable improvements and a refined electric drive unit (EDU) supplier list, ultimately guiding the client to optimal sourcing decisions for their EDU components.

FEV Consulting provided critical implementation support to a German commercial vehicle OEM to improve its preventive quality management in engineering. By forming a dedicated joint task force and conducting a thorough analysis of existing processes, we identified critical deficiencies in five key areas, including technical risk management and supplier management. Our strategic recommendations not only streamlined the OEM’s quality management processes, but also laid the foundation for a robust organizational structure that is poised to reduce warranty costs by an impressive 25%, demonstrating our commitment to driving significant improvements in preventive quality measures.

FEV Consulting worked with a German aerospace supplier facing the challenge of scaling its aircraft delivery rates. Through a detailed lean manufacturing assessment, we analyzed the current state of production and identified bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Our tailored recommendations focused on material flow optimization, automation, and quality control improvements, paving the way for significant lead time and cost reductions. The implementation of a comprehensive improvement plan not only revitalized their production processes, but also established a solid foundation for continuous improvement and strategic growth within the aerospace manufacturing sector.

FEV Consulting supported the strategic development and operational set-up of a pioneering bus manufacturing facility for a public transport operator in the Middle East. Our comprehensive involvement ranged from establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) to formulating a nuanced manufacturing strategy that integrated semi-knocked down (SKD), completely knocked down (CKD) and completely built up (CBU) stages of bus assembly. We facilitated initial production by leveraging an existing OEM partnership and smoothly transitioned to a fully operational bus manufacturing facility. The success of the project was underscored by our detailed production process design, technical specifications for the first bus model, and a robust quality approach that set a new standard for local manufacturing excellence and value addition.

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Intelligence and Foresight



FEV Consulting Pfeil in Tealfarben
FEV Consulting Pfeil in Tealfarben
FEV Consulting Pfeil in Tealfarben
FEV Consulting Pfeil in Tealfarben

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