Consulting Services for aHydrogen Powered Future



We at FEV Consulting understand hydrogen as an integral part of future energy systems. Hydrogen is a key enabler for deep decarbonization in many applications. Besides its use as a fuel for mobile propulsion, it is set to serve as an energy storage medium for renewable energy, an energy carrier for (heavy) industries such as steel production, and as a fuel for domestic and industrial heat & cold applications. For the chemical industry, hydrogen serves as a vital base chemical, for example to produce ammonia, which is widely used for fertilizers. It also is the starting point of many routes to synthetic fuels, which offer potential as carbon-neutral yet energy-dense fuels for hard-to-decarbonize applications in the future.

Although the role of hydrogen as a central element of future energy systems is clear, many aspects are still in development. FEV Consulting can support with a unique combination of technical knowledge around hydrogen applications and strategic management consulting skills. We support our global customers within the most current topics, in many industry areas with our key strategic services:


  • Fuel Cell Technology and Applications
  • Hydrogen Storage Technology and Applications
  • Hydrogen Combustion Engine
  • H2-ICE Retrofit
  • Hydrogen Eco-System
  • Hydrogen City Concepts and Hydrogen Valleys
  • Hydrogen Production
  • Hydrogen Supply Chain
  • Hydrogen Microgrids


  • Automotive and Supplier Industry
  • Mobile Machinery Industry
  • Energy Companies
  • Production Equipment Industry
  • Municipalities



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