Manufacturing & Investment Planning

Manufacturing & Investment


In a challenging and fast changing market, OEMs and suppliers continuously have to review their product and manufacturing strategy. This drives the need for a frequent extension and optimization of manufacturing processes and capacities for existing products. Non-automotive private and institutional investors also consider to enter the business of manufacturing automotive products. In particular drastically changing fields such as the electrification of powertrains seem to be very promising for investors entering the automotive business. In each case, investors face the challenge to understand all technical and financial aspects of the venture to make the right business decision under the given constraints.

FEV Consulting offers a modular approach to analyze strategic options and to develop and verify investments and impementation strategies according to clients' needs.

We offer

  • Market strategy for existing and new products for OEMs, suppliers and investors based on detailed market and technology analysis
  • Economic evaluation of relevant markets with regard to size, profitability, growth potential, etc.
  • Definition of market entry strategy and business model, definition of customer requirements and product specifications
  • Profitability analyses, partnering strategy development, search for business partners and suppliers
  • Feasibility studies and production planning with regard to strategy, technology, product structure, processes and layout
  • Definition of required capital and operational expenditures as a basis for a detailed investment and business plan
  • Support during the realization planning phase by developing manufacturing and other processes, organizational structures and industrialization plans

Independent from the planning stage of your company’s manufacturing and investment project, FEV Consulting connects deep understanding of technical products and processes with business and financial know how to optimize your investment into new manufacturing. That makes us the perfect partner for OEMs and suppliers, but also for not industry-related investors.

Strategy Deleopment Investment & Manufacturing
Operational Financial
Technical Market & Trend Analysis

#1 Technical Market & Trend Analysis
- Trend analysis
- Market analysis (segments, volume, competitors, entry barriers, etc.)
- Technology analysis
- Customer requirements & product profiles
- Legislation overview

Market Entry Strategy

#3 Market Entry Strategy
- Value chain analysis & market entry strategy
- Definition of customer requirements and product specifications
- Partnering approach (Joint Ventures, M&A, etc.)
- Definition of target market shares

Manufacturing & Investment Plan

#5 Manufacturing Strategy & Technical Feasibility
- Technical analysis of product and processes
- Manufacturing strategy & preliminary plan
- Block layout
- Capacity planning
- Rough organizational manufacturing structure
- Project planning/ PMO

Operations & Realization Plan

#7 Production Development & Industrialization
- Manufacturing concept planning
- Rough factory layout
- Rough workflow & support process organization
- Material flow planning
- Equipment planning
- PMO execution & realization planning

Financial Market & Trend Analysis

#2 Financial Market & Trend Analysis
- Market analysis (segments, volumes, market shares,…)
- Market growth potentials

Financial Evaluation & Selection

#4 Financial Evaluation & Selection
- Financial evaluation of business models
- Development of a detailed cooperation approach
- Pre-selection of potential partner and suppliers (RFI & RFQ)

Business Plan & Evaluation

#6 Business Plan & Evaluation
- Investment plan/ CAPEX
- Calculation of OPEX, product and other costs
- Revenue calculation
- Profit & loss statement

Refinement & Optimization

#8 Refinement & Optimization of the Business Plan
- Refinement of the Business Case
- Working Capital Optimization
- Financial planning of the project realization and ramp-up












  • Identification of key market trends and requirements
  • Deep insights in customer needs and legislation
  • Break down of key technology development trends and specifications
  • Comprehensive and actionable market and supply chain strategy based on detailed market and technology information
  • Identification of suitable collaboration and/or joint-venture partners
  • In-depth analysis of related manufacturing technology options and manufacturing process
  • Manufacturing planning up to full production plant design
  • Financial evaluation and profound selection of best suited investment
    alternatives and manufacturing processes 
  • Identification, evaluation and qualification of suitable suppliers