Modularization Strategies



Today’s automotive industry is forced to deliver high quality products at reasonable costs whilst facing an increasing degree of complexity. Several market players introduce modular toolkits to master these challenges and to prepare themselves for the future. FEV Consulting supports both powertrain manufactures and suppliers to define a tailored sustainable modular toolkit strategy.

Complexity Challenge

FEV Powertrain Modularization Strategies

FEV Consulting offers a four step approach to create a common understanding of modularity principles, develop a sustainable toolkit and support the implementation.

I. Customized study

As a stand-alone service, FEV Consulting will prepare a customized study on general modularity principles, competitor benchmarks and best practices.

II.-IV. Customer specific analysis

The toolkit development phase is based on a detailed analysis of individual boundary conditions, limitations and the cost structure. The initial analysis is key for the modular toolkit concept definition and derivation of an individual modularization strategy. To ensure a sustainable variance handling after implementation, FEV Consulting offers a set of dedicated tools and processes.

FEV Powertrain Modularization Strategies


  • Enabling of external variance to meet customer needs, while minimizing internal complexity
  • Reduction of one-off development and running manufacturing costs
  • Transparency of complexity cost drivers
  • Quality improvement through decrease of total variance
  • Sustainable variance management and toolkit controlling