06. July 2023

FEV named "Engineering Top Performer No. 1" by IVECO

Aachen/Turin (Italy), July 2023 – Once a year, the Italian commercial vehicle manufacturer IVECO invites their partners and service providers to a networking event in Turin. Part of this event is a globally recognized supplier award, with which FEV was recognized this year as “Engineering Top Performer No. 1”. The award honors the long-lasting partnership as well as FEV's comprehensive engineering and consulting expertise in the development of drive solutions for CO2-neutral mobility.

"We are currently experiencing what is probably the biggest transformation of the mobility sector, and FEV is a key driver of this process," said Dr. Norbert Alt, COO of FEV, during the event. "With our experience and extensive know-how in the areas of electrification, fuel cells as well as hydrogen combustion engines and through our strategic expertise, we are supporting IVECO as a global technology and market leader to successfully go through this transformation. We are therefore very pleased to receive this valuable and motivating award for our commitment."

The Italian FEV team, supported by the global expert network of the development service provider, has been developing sustainable mobility solutions with the Turin-based commercial vehicle manufacturer for many years. Last fall, for example, the demonstrator of the fuel cell-powered IVECO Daily transporter was presented at the renowned ‘Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility’.

In addition to developing standard-setting, CO2-neutral drive solutions, FEV and IVECO are also working on innovative solutions in key areas such as Software Defined Vehicles and future E/E architectures. FEV Consulting is a continuous partner in the development of IVECO's strategic direction, especially in the areas of vehicle portfolio and powertrain technology.

Dr. Alt believes FEV is well positioned for the future: "We look forward to working with our partners to meet the challenges ahead and ultimately make the transition to Net-Zero for the mobility sector - with solutions that will ensure a livable world for our society in the future."